K - 12

K-12 are the foundation building blocks for academic success. The habits formed and lessons learned are critical to meet the challenges of the Twenty First Century. The resources listed in this section can help develop the skills of underperforming students, enhance the abilities for successful students, and give new dimensions to the learning experience.

Kaplan - premier provider of educational and career services for individuals, schools and businesses ( kaplan.com )

Sylvan Learning Centers - provides scholastic skills development ( educate.com )


Private and schools across the country provide an alternative to the public school system. Whether independent or affiliated with a religious organization, these schools offer a wide range of learning experiences and environments. We have developed the Private School Network (K-12) to provide comprehensive details on choices in private school education. The Network has two parts: The Private School Locator and Private School DIVERSITY SEEKERS.

Private School Locator contains names, addresses, telephone numbers, enrollment, and other descriptive data for 29,845 private schools in the 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Private School DIVERSITY SEEKERS are those private schools that are making significant efforts to recruit students of every race, religion, and creed to have diverse, multicultural learning environments. The Black Higher Education Channel has created DIVERSITY SEEKERS scholarships for students attending these schools.

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