Education is the key to opportunity and fulfillment as well as the ticket to prosperity. As part of the EDUCATE BLACK AMERICA initiative, ABC Ventures developed The Black Higher Education Channel. From our directory the following sections provide the best availiable resources and opitunities on the internet.

Our pre-college (K-12) and college selection section provides scholastic achievement aids, resources on student guidance, college preparation, and career planning.

Our Americas Black Collegians Network will enable you to explore colleges, universities, and other institutions of Higher Education through our listing of accredited schools.

Recognizing the significant contributions made by Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) to the progress of Black America, we have in cluded a listing for students interested in attending a predominantly Bla ck college or university.

Courses and training for career enhancement and professional development is the focus of the Professional and Management Education section.

 Distance Learning provides a wide selection of learning opportunities that are offered online as well as through telecommunications. Distance Learning is especially important to students who have responsibilities that are not able to have the traditional campus experience.

We have named our site "The Black Higher Education Channel" to parallel our companion site, Americas Black Collegians, http://www.am-blk-coll.com, which generates and distributes scholarships to Black students seeking Higher Education. Having the financial resources to seek Higher Education is equally, i f not more, important as knowing what courses to take and what schools to attend.

Together, America's Black Collegians and The Black Higher Education Channel form EDUCATE BLACK AMERICA. Our simple objective is to help people make one of the most important decisions of their lives and provide financial support to help deserving students fulfill their higher education dreams.

We hope you will come back to get the information you need as well as visit Americas Black Collegians, http://www.am-blk-coll.com, to help and better prepare the more than 1.5 Million Black students attending colleges and universities throughout America.

EDUCATE BLACK AMERICA will strengthen the ability of Todays Youth to become Tomorrows Leaders".

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