Distance Learning

Distance Education (DE), also known as Distance Learning (DL), is simply learning from a distance, usually from home, or from a conveniently located off-site campus. DL allows students to take courses, earn college credits, even degrees, without ever leaving home. DL makes use of the Internet, computer software, modems, TV stations, 2-way interactive television using fiber optics, microwave, digital phone lines, satellites, video cassette and audio tape, and normal mail to deliver instruction. From the many providers of DE, The Black Higher Education Channel has begun a process to present the best available on the Internet. We have focused on accredited programs that have been touted by education professionals. Our initial selection of top university programs is:

Roger Williams University
North Carolina A&T University
University of Phoenix
Penn State
University of California Extenision Online

Click here for a list of the postsecondary institutions that are members of the Distance Education Training Council.


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