November 25, 2000


One of the advantages of having EDUCATE BLACK AMERICA on the Internet is complete access to the information on a 24-hour per day/365 day per year basis. Students, parents, working professionals, and members of the general population can access America’s Black Collegians and The Black Higher Education Channel from home, public libraries, schools, work as well as the computers of family, friends, and associates. Access to this information will never be an obstacle as long as people who want and need to know have a commitment to success, perseverance, and persistence. As an example, the EDUCATE BLACK AMERICA initiative was developed and launched with public computer access.

At the America’s Black Collegians web site, a full array of general questions and answers are provided in the ABOUT US section. You can find out about how the program works and how it can benefit you.

Each learning provider on The Black Higher Education Channel provides complete details about their individual programs on their web sites.

EDUCATE BLACK AMERICA was built so that people who are challenged to fulfill their dreams will come.

America’s Black Colleges Fund, Inc. 2000
America’s Black Collegians

Are you a student or parent looking for financial aid? If you are, go to the Scholarship section on the web site and find out about the four America’s Black Collegians scholarship programs.

Do you feel that building and strengthening Black Higher Education opportunities is important for Black progress and prosperity in America? Do you want to play a part? You can by supporting the America’s Black Collegians program.

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$100 Million In Scholarships

In America, Minds and Money are Power

America’s Black Collegians

The Black Higher Education Channel

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The Black Higher Education Channel

1. Are you a student looking for the right college or university? See America’s Black Collegians Network, Historically Black colleges and Universities, and College Selection

2. Are you interested in trade careers and specialized training after high school? See Trade and Career

3. Are you a working professional looking to build your skills and enhance your career and job prospects? See Professional and Management Education

4. Are you interested in attending college or taking college courses but can’t fit it into your schedule? See Distance Learning

5. Are you a parent of a K-12 child interested in programs, techniques, and resources that can improve their performance? See K-12

EDUCATE BLACK AMERICA is a new Internet-based initiative that provides scholarships, information on financial aid, and excellent resources from education experts on making the best education choices and decisions. We believe that making the right career and school choice is equally as important as having the ability and financial resources to pursue higher education.

From our dual web sites, America’s Black Collegians,, and The Black Higher Education Channel,, visitors can get all the necessary details on choices from K-12 to college to career and trade education to professional and management development to distance learning and continuing education. Also included is a comprehensive directory of scholarships and financial aid.

Our sites are constantly expanding and designed to provide the “Best from the Web.” Our scholarship and financial aid focus is on Black students but our comprehensive directory of educational choices is a valuable resource for all students. We have, however, set aside a special section, “Diversity Seekers” in the America’s Black Collegians Network to identify some colleges and universities that are making outstanding efforts to diversify their campuses. In recognition of their efforts, America’s Black Collegians is establishing special scholarship funds for these schools.

We invite you to join us and welcome your support.

For more information, contact:
Alvin J. Lee, America’s Black Collegians
Phone: 410-355-1616

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